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18 August 2007 @ 01:41 am
For Those who can provide some helpful advice:  
I am in the process of that ever so difficult endeavor: Finding the bird thats perfect for me. I've decided on a conure this time around, now I'm just looking for a specific one that strikes my fancy. Before I do I have a couple of questions you guys may be able to suggest some answers to:
1. I have 2 saint Bernards in my house. My thought is that I should have my Conure's cage in my bedroom where I am frequently, and the dogs are not allowed to be ever. There is where I keep my 2 sugar gliders as well, and thedogs have never even seen them. My question is, would it be better for me to keep the bird where the family can interact with it as well? or Is it better that I keep it where the dogs are unable to access it? Do you think two curious (but very sweet) dogs would be too much of a fright to the bird? Would my bedroom be best?
2. How much luck have you guys had in adopting? I saw a picture of a very sweet conure on a Mass craigslist ad and the ad says that the bird is very well tamed and would spend the whole day on your shoulder if you let it. HOw much stock would you guys put into what these ads say? I know I'm going to need to meet the bird before deciding to adopt it anyway, but is it even worth that if i live 2 hours away and have no clue whether or not they're telling the truth? I am a beginner at raising birds and would like to purchase one that is already tamed or at least not frightened of people!
Thanks guys